Racing on Rails has typical Ruby on Rails prerequisites. Rails. If you are already developing with Ruby on Rails, you may already have them installed. Also consider RVM or all-in-one Rails installers for Windows and Mac OS X, Free BSD Ports, or Linux packages. Ruby gem dependencies are specified in the project Gemfile and can be installed by Bundler.

Racing on Rails is developed and tested on MySQL 5.1, but any modern version should work. In fact, it should run on any Rails-supported database with few changes. Racing on Rails uses UTF-8 throughout. I believe this should hold true even if your MySQL database defaults to latin1 encoding, but I haven’t tested this assumption. All of my production and dev databases default to UTF-8.

Git is a source control tool useful for production deployments and working on Racing on Rails itself.

Capistrano is an automated Rails deployment tool. It’s a good way to do handle your production deployments. If you install Capistrano, you’ll want the its prerequisites as well.


Racing on Rails is primarily developed on OS X and deployed on FreeBSD. Most admin users use Safari. The public-facing pages work in IE, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

It should also run happily, all tests pass, and be accessible on Windows and Linux.