Sample Import Files

Import new members, results, and schedule information from Excel.

Small Results Example

This file format is flexible. It expects the first row to be a header row, and recognizes a number of fields. Hopefully, an example can make this a little clearer: the age column can be labelled age, Age, racing_age, or Racing Age. The race category should be in the first column on the row above the first result:

Senior Women 3
1          Willson          Cheryl
2          Mautner          Meg
3          ....

Results Fields

Column                   : keys
Age                      : age, racing_age
Category name            : category_name, category, cat.,, categories
City                     : city, hometown
Date of birth            : date_of_birth
First name               : first_name, firstname, first, racer.first_name, first name
Laps                     : laps
Last name                : last_name, racer.last_name, last name, last, lastname
License                  : license, membership, membership #
Name                     : racer
Notes                    : notes
Number                   : number, rider_#, wsba#, #, obra_number
Oregon cup               : oregoncup
Parent                   : barcategory, bar_category
Place                    : place, placing
Place in category        : place_in_category
Points                   : points, pts
Points bonus penalty     : points_bonus_penalty
Points from place        : points_from_place
Points total             : points_total
State                    : state
Team name                : team_name, club/team, team,
Time                     : time, time, stage_time
Time bonus penalty       : time_bonus_penalty, penalty, bonus
Time gap to leader       : time_gap_to_leader, gap, down
Time gap to previous     : time_gap_to_previous
Time gap to winner       : time_gap_to_winner
Time total               : time_total, total_time, stage_+_penalty, time_total

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Column                   : keys
Ccx category             : ccx_category, Cyclocross Age Group -, ccx cat, Cyclocross Category - 
Cell fax                 : cell_fax, cell/fax
City                     : city, City_Contact address
Date of birth            : date_of_birth, Birth date, dob, Birthdate, year of birth
Dh category              : dh_category, dh cat, Downhill Mountain Bike Category - , Downhill Mountain Bike Age Group -
Dh number                : 08 dh
Email                    : email, e-mail
First name               : first_name, fname, f_name, FirstName
Gender                   : gender, sex
Home phone               : home_phone, Phone, DayPhone
Last name                : last_name, lname, AAA Last Name, LastName, l_name
License                  : license, Membership No
Member from              : member_from, date joined
Member to                : member_to
Mtb category             : mtb_category, mtn cat, Cross Country Mountain Age Group -, Cross Country Mountain Bike Category -
Notes                    : notes, Confirmation Code, Please indicate other interests. (For example: time trial tandem triathalon r, Registration Completion Date/Time, Please indicate if you are interested in racing cross country or downhill. , Donation, Please indicate if you are interested in racing single speed., Please select a category:, Singlespeed, Transaction Payment Total, Tandem, 2008 notes, Receipt Code, Interests, Would you like to make an additional donation to support OBRA? 
Occupation               : occupation, What is your occupation? (optional)
Print card               : card
Road category            : road_category, Road Category - , Cat., cat, road cat, Road Age Group - , USCF Category, category
Road number              : WSBA #, number, 2008 road
Singlespeed number       : ss, singlespeed, ss #, 2008 ss
State                    : state, State_Contact address
Street                   : street, Address1_Contact address, Address2_Contact address, address, address1
Team                     : team_id
Team name                : Your team or club name (please enter N/A if you do not have a team affiliation), team, Cycling Team
Track category           : track_category, Track Category - , Track Age Group - , track cat
Work phone               : work_phone
Xc number                : 2008 xc, mtb #
Zip                      : zip, Zip_Contact address

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Column           : keys
Date             : date
Name             : name, race, event
City             : city
State            : state
Location         : (becomes city, state)
Promoter         : promoter_name
Promoter Name    : promoter_name
Promoter Email   : promoter_email
Promoter Phone   : promoter_phone
Sponsoring Team  : team_id
Team             : team_id
Club             : team_id
Flyer            : flyer, website
Flyer Approved   : flyer_approved
Discipline       : discipline
Sanctioned By    : sanctioned_by
Notes            : notes

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